Are my ads effective?


Do my products stand out?


Are my customers satisfied?


What is my
​data telling me?


What are my segments?


Where do I go from here?


Paradoxes provides you clarity.  



Paradoxes provides the expertise and techniques to drive your primary research and help you discover more about your products, customers, competitors, and markets.
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Paradoxes extracts maximum value out of your existing data. We analyze, synthesize, and visualize your data, discovering actionable insights and patterns to move your business forward.
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Paradoxes provides data-driven guidance to distinctively position your organization, products, and services.
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“This is tremendous research, you really hit the ball out of the park.”

“I'm most proud of the fact we've earned a 4.5 out of 5 performance rating from our customers and over 80 percent of them have chosen to work with us on additional projects.”

“Great team. They offered an excellent solution and met our goals, no matter what it took.”

- Channel Market Development Manager, Large Software Corporation

- J. Scott Codespoti, President, Paradoxes

- Director, Leading Game Console Brand